Cookie Making Videos – Instructional Videos

Here are some great cookie making videos & baking videos. They teach cookie making techniques such as “how to score a bread”, “how to knead bread dough”, etc. These instructional videos also look at common problems & solutions to making cookie recipes, etc. If you are looking for bread or bread machine instructional videos, please visit our Bread Making Videos section.

Sometimes it is hard to learn how to do certain baking techniques only by reading instructions and/or looking at static pictures. Rather people need to “see” how it is done. Therefore, here are some instructional videos that are great at visually helping people to learn slightly more complex cookie making techniques. These videos will help you to more easily our easy cookie recipes.

We have not made any of these videos. Rather, we have selected some of the best videos on Youtube in order to help you to improve your cookie making skills. They are from great bakers as well as amazing video editors & creators!

Subjects Covered Below

  1. Common Cookie Problems & Solutions
  2. How to Make Chewy, Crunchy or Cakey Cookies
  3. How to Shape Cookies

Common Cookie Problems & Solutions

How to Make Chewy, Crunchy or Cakey Cookies

How to Shape Cookies