Bread Making Essentials for Bread Machine Users

Bread Making Equipment

This page lists essential bread making equipment for bread machine users in order to make great tasting home made bread. If you are looking for important bread making “ingredients” such as yeast, spices and flour, please visit our Essential Bread Machine Ingredients section.

For great bread recipes that utilize this bread making equipment, please visit Bread Dad’s main Bread Machine Recipes section. This page contains Amazon affiliate links. At no extra cost to you, we make a small commission if you buy products via any affiliate links below. Thank you for your support!

Bread Making Equipment

  • Bread Machines – Huge selection of high quality bread machines. Bread machines simplify bread making at home because you do not have to knead the bread, use an oven, etc. Homemade bread becomes very easy to make.
  • Bread Machine Parts – This section provides replacement parts for bread machines (i.e. mixing paddles).
  • Dough Mixers – Some people like to use just a dough mixer to create the perfect dough. They then place the dough into the oven (versus using a bread machine). The dough mixers save you the hard work of mixing and kneading.
  • Kneading Machines – If you want to make more exotic shaped bread… okay non-block shaped bread :), you can use kneading machines in order to make your bread dough before you bake it in your oven. You can also use most bread machines to knead bread. Check your instructions for the kneading setting on your bread machine.
  • Panini Grills – If you want to make hot grilled sandwiches, panini grills are a great addition to your kitchen. Panini grills are also known as a panini presses.

Bread Making Accessories

  • Bread Bags – Bread bags tend to be a more “natural” way to store your bread (when compared to plastic bags).
  • Bread Baskets
  • Bread Boxes – Bread boxes help for short-term storage of homemade bread. However, for long-term storage, you should freeze your bread.
  • Bread Knives – Bread knives are useful for easily cutting bread slices for sandwiches, breakfast toast, etc.
  • Bread Pans – If you only use your bread machine to knead the dough, you will need bread pans in order to bake the dough in your oven.
  • Bread Scoring Tools – If you want to score your bread (cut the top of the dough to prevent cracks), you should use one of these bread scoring tools.
  • Bread Slicers – If you want to make perfect bread slices (not too wide or too thin), you should try a bread slicer. It is an interesting cutting “tool”.
  • Cooling Racks – You need to place your hot finished bread on cooling racks in order to “cool down” and let moisture escape from the bread. Otherwise, your bread will have a soggy bottom.
  • Cutting Boards – Cutting boards allow you to cut your bread with damaging the underlying table or counter. We like to use wood cutting boards.
  • Flour Containers – These containers help you store your flour and reduce potential contamination from insects, moisture, dust, etc.
  • Measuring Cups – Accurate bread measuring tools (i.e. cups & spoons) makes for better breads. Just winging the measurements results in more bread failures (i.e. bread craters).
  • Measuring Spoons – These spoons will help you to follow the recipe by giving you the exact measurements for teaspoons, tablespoons, etc.
  • Mixing Bowls – Usually you just add of the ingredients to the bread machine and it does all of the work mixing the ingredients. However, occasionally you will need large mixing bowls if you are transferring the dough to the oven (i.e. you want to create a loaf without the bread machine mixer “hole”).
  • Oven Mitts – You need good oven mitts because the bread machine “bucket” is extremely hot when you take the finished bread out of the bread machine.
  • Spatulas (Silicone) – You will need flexible spatulas to occasionally clean off the mixture from the sides of the bread loaf pan during the bread machine mixing stages. You will need flexible spatulas (i.e. silicone) so they do not scratch the interior of the bread loaf pan.
  • Spice Racks – Variety is the “spice” of life. These spice racks will help you to efficiently store a wide range of spices (i.e. cinnamon, rosemary, onion powder and Italian herbs) that you can use to create different tasting breads.

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