List of Easy Bread Machine Recipes

Easy Bread Machine Recipes

This page provides you with a ton of easy bread machine recipes in order to help you make a huge variety of delicious homemade breads. If you would like us to add a new bread idea to this list, please contact us.

List of Bread Machine Recipes

List of Quick Breads – Quick breads use baking soda and other types of leavening agents. They do not use yeast as a leavening agent (unlike the breads listed above). Quick breads are usually denser & moister sweet breads (i.e. banana bread).

List of Breakfast Bread Recipes – These breakfast breads are great with butter, jam, cream cheese, etc.

List of Holiday Bread Machine Recipes – Breads that are perfect for Christmas, Thanksgiving, etc.

Easy Bread Machine Recipes Questions

How long does bread take to bake in a bread machine?

It generally takes 3-4 hours to bake bread in a bread machine depending on the type of bread, size of bread and bread machine used. Read the instructions included with your bread machine and the bread machine recipe that you are following for the exact time.

How long does bread machine yeast last?

In its original unopened container, bread machine yeast will last for 2+ years. However, look for the expiration date on the container because bread machine yeast may have been sitting on the store shelf for a while and might have used up a portion of its normal shelf life. If the bread machine yeast container has been opened, it can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 months or the freezer for up to 6 months.

How do I keep my bread machine bread fresh?

Since you are not adding strange chemicals & preservatives to your delicious homemade bread machine bread, it won’t last long on the counter. Moreover, in a hot and humid environment, bread machine bread will spoil even quickly. If your family does not plan to eat the bread in a day or two, it should be frozen and stored in your freezer. We love to toast our bread when it comes out of the freezer.

What is bread machine yeast?

Bread machine yeast is a rapid rise or instant yeast. The bread machine yeast is made up of very small granules that dissolve quickly in the dough. This allows the bread machine yeast to grow quickly and produce a higher level of carbon dioxide output. In turn, this carbon dioxide helps to generate a faster rise of the bread dough.

For more information on bread yeast, you should read Wikipedia’s section on Baker’s Yeast.

Can you use regular flour in bread machine?

Yes. You can easily use all-purpose flour. You do not have to use only bread flour in your bread machine. Bread flour has more gluten and thus helps to give a slightly higher rise to the bread. Nevertheless, all-purpose flour works well in bread machines and allows you to create delicious breads too. Moreover, all-purpose flour tends to be less expensive than bread flour.

What order do I put ingredients in bread machine?

Always follow the bread machine recipe instructions. Most bread machine recipes will tell you to place the liquid ingredients (i.e. water or milk) in the bread machine baking pan first. This allows the mixing paddle to more easily stir the bread mixture versus starting with the dry ingredients. You should put the bread machine yeast in last so it does not touch the recipe’s liquid ingredients until the bread machine is turned on.

Do I have to use bread machine yeast?

Yes. Bread machine yeast is a rapid rising yeast designed to work well with bread machines. You do not need to activate this type of bread yeast with water. This helps to save time when making bread and makes the bread making process even easier with a bread machine (because there isn’t a separate yeast activation phase). All you have to do is add the bread machine yeast to the dry ingredients and turn the bread machine on.

What kind of water should I use in a bread machine recipe?

You can use any type of drinkable water. We tend to use bottled water because tap water can contain too many minerals (i.e. calcium carbonate). However, you can also use many other types of liquids in order to make your bread such as milk, orange juice, apple juice, etc. Experiment with different milks & fruit juices in order to make better tasting or more unique breads.

What are the five main ingredients in quick breads?

The five main ingredients in quick breads are flour, a leavening agent (i.e. baking soda), eggs, a fat (i.e. butter, margarine or vegetable oil) and a liquid (i.e. water or milk). Unlike more traditional sandwich breads, quick breads do not use yeast. Beyond these five main ingredients, quick bread recipes will include additional ingredients (i.e. bananas) in order to provide flavor. Quick breads are more muffin-like dessert type breads. They are not sandwich breads. Examples of quick breads include banana bread and carrot bread.

Why are eggs added to some bread recipes?

Eggs are added to some bread recipes because they help to the bread to rise. They help to create a softer and fluffier bread because eggs act as a leavening agent. However, eggs can cause a bread to rise too much if you add it to a bread recipe where eggs are not called for.