Bread Machine Recipes – 30+ Easy & Great Tasting Recipes

Bread Machine Multigrain Bread

Here are 30+ easy bread machine recipes. You will find bread machine recipes for banana bread, oatmeal bread, white bread, pizza dough, French bread, etc. These easy recipes allow you to make a huge variety of delicious breads & desserts. All you need is a bread machine and some basic ingredients in order to make some fantastic homemade baked goods for your family!

List of Bread Machine Recipes – These bread machine recipes cover sandwich breads, sweet “quick breads” (i.e. banana bread) and other baked goods (i.e. pizza dough).

  1. Banana Bread – Moist & delicious. Bread machine banana bread is a wonderful dessert or breakfast snack.
  2. Bacon Bread – The perfect bread for BLT sandwiches!
  3. Breadsticks – This bread machine recipe allows you to easily make some delicious homemade breadsticks.
  4. Butter Bread – This is a great way to improve regular “boring” white bread.
  5. Cake Bread – This delicious bread is part cake and part bread. It is not a cake but a great tasting bread that can be used for breakfast or sandwiches.
  6. Calzone Dough – Here is an easy bread machine recipe to help you to make delicious homemade calzones.
  7. Cheese Bread – This is a great tasting cheese bread that you can make with your bread machine.
  8. Chocolate Chip Bread – This is a fun recipe for bread that your children will love!
  9. Cinnamon Raisin Bread – This is a delicious breakfast bread.
  10. Cornbread – This sweet & buttery cornbread is one of my favorite breakfast snacks!
  11. Cranberry & Golden Raisin Bread – A great tasting bread, especially for breakfast.
  12. French Bread – This bread machine recipe helps you to make a delicious french bread loaf or baguette.
  13. Garlic Bread – Here is a tasty & easy bread machine garlic bread recipe. It uses minced & sautéed garlic!
  14. Italian Bread – This recipe helps you to make a wonderful oval Italian bread. Perfect for a family dinner with lasagna, spaghetti, ravioli, etc.
  15. Italian Herb Bread – Great for Italian-style sandwiches such as Caprese sandwiches (Mozzarella, Tomato & Basil sandwiches).
  16. Jalapeno Cheese Bread – A spicier bread!
  17. Jalapeno Cornbread – This is a savory (non-sweet) cornbread made with jalapenos & cheese.
  18. Multigrain Bread – This hearty bread is made from multiple grains & seeds.
  19. Oatmeal Bread (Bread Machine) – Delicious and good for the heart! Old fashioned oat flakes. This bread machine recipe page has instructions for 1.5 lb and 2 lb oatmeal bread loaves. This recipe uses a bread machine to make the dough & bake the bread.
  20. Oatmeal Bread (Instant Yeast) – Love oatmeal bread but hate the bread machine mixing paddle “hole”? Then try this recipe because it helps you to easily make some fantastic homemade oatmeal bread without a bread machine hole in the bottom. This oatmeal bread recipe uses a bread machine to make the dough and then the bread is finished in your oven.
  21. Onion Bread – This is one of my favorite sandwich breads as I love the taste of onion bread.
  22. Pizza Dough (with Italian Herbs) – Make your own homemade pizza versus buying stale supermarket frozen pizza or expensive delivery pizza. Our recipe includes Italian herbs… so this pizza dough is delicious and has a wonderful aroma.
  23. Potato Bread – Potato bread is a light & fluffy white bread… and our recipe also has a hint of rosemary.
  24. Pumpkin Bread – A sweet, orange & delicious pumpkin bread… made with a bread machine. Perfect for Thanksgiving, Halloween, autumn harvest events, etc.
  25. Raisin Bread – This is a delicious raisin bread recipe that uses golden raisins.
  26. Rolls – Use your bread machine to create dinner rolls, hamburger buns, sandwich rolls, etc. This recipe creates a buttery Italian-style round roll.
  27. Rosemary Bread – This is one of our best smelling bread machine recipes!
  28. Rye Bread – Rye bread is used to make Reuben sandwiches, Rye Turkey Melts, classic Pastrami sandwiches, etc.
  29. Salt Crusted Bread – A delicious bread covered with large salt crystals.
  30. Vegan Bread Recipe – This delicious vegan bread is made with Italian herbs & olive oil. This vegan bread recipe uses a bread machine to make the dough and then the bread is finished in your oven.
  31. White Bread (Bread Machine) – This easy bread machine recipe is for a buttery white bread that your family will love for sandwiches or toast. This page has instructions for 1.5 lb and 2 lb white bread loaves. This white bread is mixed, kneaded & baked in your bread machine.
  32. White Bread (Instant Yeast) – Love white bread but hate the bread machine mixing paddle “hole”? Then try this recipe because it creates a buttery white bread without a bread machine hole in the bottom of the bread. It uses a bread machine to make the dough and then the bread is finished in your oven. However, please use our regular white bread recipe (listed above) if you want to finish the bread in your bread machine.
  33. Whole Wheat Bread – This is an easy recipe for whole wheat bread. Great for people who want more natural fiber in their diet. This recipe uses a 50/50 blend of whole wheat fiber and bread flour to create a softer whole wheat bread.
  34. 100% Whole Wheat Bread – This bread machine recipe produces a delicious 100% whole wheat bread with lots of wheat fiber.

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Bread Machine – Multigrain Bread

Bread Machine Recipes

Easy Bread Maker Recipes – Questions

What is a bread machine?

A bread machine (or bread maker) is a device that is used to make bread at home. Home bakers just need to follow a bread machine recipe, add the appropriate ingredients (i.e. water, flour and yeast) and the bread machine does the rest of the work. It kneads and bakes the bread for you.

Bread machines can make a number of different sandwich-type breads (such as white bread, oatmeal bread, multigrain bread and whole wheat bread). They can also make a wide variety of other baked goods such as banana bread, sweet quick breads, pizza dough, etc.

How long does bread take to bake in a bread machine?

It generally takes 3-4 hours to bake sandwich-type breads in a bread machine depending on the type of bread, size of bread and bread machine used. Read the instructions included with your bread machine and the bread machine recipe that you are following for the exact time length. Be aware that sweet quick breads (i.e. banana bread) that use baking powder/soda take less time in the bread machine than regular breads that use yeast to rise.

How long does bread machine yeast last?

In its original unopened container, bread machine yeast will last for 2+ years. However, look for the expiration date on the container because bread machine yeast may have been sitting on the store shelf for a while and might have used up a portion of its normal shelf life. If the bread machine yeast container has been opened, it can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 months or the freezer for up to 6 months.

How do I keep my bread machine bread fresh?

Since you are not adding strange chemicals & preservatives to your delicious homemade bread machine bread, it won’t last long on the counter. Moreover, in a hot and humid environment, bread machine bread will spoil even quickly. If your family does not plan to eat the bread in a day or two, it should be frozen and stored in your freezer. We love to toast our bread when it comes out of the freezer.

What is bread machine yeast?

Bread machine yeast is a rapid rise or instant yeast. The bread machine yeast is made up of very small granules that dissolve quickly in the dough. This allows the bread machine yeast to grow quickly and produce a higher level of carbon dioxide output. In turn, this carbon dioxide helps to generate a faster rise of the bread dough.

For more information on bread yeast, you should read Wikipedia’s section on Baker’s Yeast.

Can you use all-purpose flour in a bread machine?

Yes. You can use all-purpose flour to make many sandwich-type breads (i.e. you are out of bread flour). However, for the best results, you should follow the recipe instructions exactly and use bread flour if it is called for in the recipe. Bread flour has more gluten and thus helps to give a slightly higher rise to the bread. Gluten helps to trap the carbon dioxide released by the yeast. This results in bread made with all-purpose flour not rising as well as bread made with bread flour. Therefore, a white bread made with all-purpose flour is likely to be less “fluffy” than a white bread made with bread flour.

Nevertheless, all-purpose flour usually (but not always) works adequately in most bread maker recipes that call for bread flour. In addition, some bread machine recipes (i.e. banana bread recipes) use all-purpose flour and not bread flour. Make sure to read the recipe correctly in order to achieve the best results.

For more on the difference between all-purpose flour and bread flour, you should read this Wikipedia article.

What order do I put ingredients in bread machine?

Always follow the bread machine recipe instructions. Most bread machine recipes will tell you to place the liquid ingredients (i.e. water or milk) in the bread machine baking pan first. This allows the mixing paddle to more easily stir the bread mixture versus starting with the dry ingredients. You should put the bread machine yeast in last so it does not touch the recipe’s liquid ingredients until the bread machine is turned on.

Do I have to use bread machine yeast?

Yes. If the recipe calls for bread machine yeast then you should use it. If you exclude the yeast then the bread will have difficulty rising. Bread machine yeast is a rapid rising yeast designed to work well with bread machines. This helps to save time when making bread and makes the bread making process even easier with a bread machine (because there isn’t a separate yeast activation phase). All you have to do is add the bread machine yeast to the other recipe ingredients and turn the bread machine on.

What kind of water should I use in a bread machine recipe?

You can use any type of drinkable water. We tend to use bottled water because tap water can contain too many minerals (i.e. calcium carbonate). However, you can also use many other types of liquids in order to make your bread such as milk, orange juice, apple juice, etc. Experiment with different milks & fruit juices in order to make better tasting or more unique breads.

What are the five main ingredients in quick breads?

The five main ingredients in quick breads are flour, a leavening agent (i.e. baking soda), eggs, a fat (i.e. butter, margarine or vegetable oil) and a liquid (i.e. water or milk). Unlike more traditional sandwich breads, quick breads do not use yeast. Beyond these five main ingredients, quick bread recipes will include additional ingredients (i.e. bananas) in order to provide flavor. Quick breads are more muffin-like dessert type breads. They are not sandwich breads. Examples of quick breads include banana bread and carrot bread.

Why are eggs added to some bread recipes?

Eggs are added to some bread maker recipes because they help to the bread to rise. They help to create a softer and fluffier bread because eggs act as a leavening agent. However, eggs can cause a bread to rise too much if you add it to a bread recipe where eggs are not called for.

The interior of my bread machine pan is starting to flake off. What should I do?

If the interior of the bread machine bread pan is starting to flake off, you should replace the bread pan. You do not want your family eating small metal or Teflon flakes in their bread. When looking for a replacement, you should make sure to find a bread pan designed for your specific bread machine model. Otherwise, it might not fit or operate properly. You can find many common bread machine replacement parts (i.e. mixing paddle or bread pan) on Amazon.

My bread did not rise in the bread machine. What went wrong?

If your bread machine bread did not rise, it could be due to “dead” yeast, not following the recipe’s instructions correctly, etc. If you are using an already open bottle of bread machine yeast that hasn’t been touched for months, the yeast could have expired. Also if you use very cold or very hot water/milk, you can kill the yeast or stunt the growth of the yeast.  Moreover, if you do not follow the recipe instructions correctly (i.e. use the wrong type of flour or yeast, add too much or too little salt, “eyeball” vs measuring the exact amount of the liquid ingredients, etc.), you can have a variety of problems (i.e. the bread does not rise properly, rises too much, suffers a bread “collapse”, etc).

What are the benefits of a bread machine?

Bread machines have tons of benefits such as the ability to easily create your own delicious homemade bread, the ability to screen out weird chemicals & preservatives from your bread, there is no need to run to the supermarket for fresh bread during bad weather, etc. For many more benefits, please read Bread Dad’s List of Bread Machine Benefits.

Besides bread, what can you make with a bread machine?

Besides delicious homemade sandwich-type breads, a bread machine can help you to make pizza dough, banana bread, cakes, jams & jellies, etc. Read the instructions included with your bread machine in order to get a better idea of the many different food products that you can create with a bread machine.

Can you make bread machine bread without salt?

If you remove the salt from bread machine bread recipes that have salt as an ingredient, the yeast is likely to rise faster and higher than planned. This could cause the bread to collapse (where the bread rises too high and then collapses in the middle). If you want to remove salt from your family’s diet, please look for no salt bread machine recipes where the salt free recipe has already been tested.

Sometimes my bread dough is a little too dry or a little too wet?

Occasionally, the humidity and temperature of your kitchen can throw things off slightly. If the dough looks too dry after the first kneading, you can try adding a tablespoon of water/milk. If the dough looks too wet after the first kneading, you can try adding a tablespoon of flour. Of course, this assumes that you are following a website’s bread machine recipe exactly versus “eyeballing” the ingredients called for in the recipe. 🙂

My bread machine doesn’t have a quick setting. Can I still make a banana bread with a bread machine?

Some basic bread machine models only have a limited number of settings. These models may not have a quick (quick bread) setting which is designed for recipes that use faster rising baking soda/powder versus slow rising yeast. If your bread machine lacks a quick (quick bread) setting then the banana bread might burn (as the other settings generally have longer baking cycles). They are geared towards yeast breads (i.e. sandwich breads) that don’t rise as quickly as baking soda/powder breads (i.e. banana bread).

Please check your bread machine’s manual/instructions to see if it has a setting for quick breads or if you can customize the mixing & baking cycles. If not, you should try one of our easy oven-baked Banana Bread Variations. Bread Dad has many easy recipes for oven-baked banana breads such as classic banana bread, blueberry banana bread, chocolate chip banana bread, etc.

I have lost my bread machine instructions. What do I do?

If you have lost or misplaced your bread machine instructions, you should check online. Many bread machine manufacturers have placed their instruction manuals on their websites. Just do a search for your bread machine manufacturer and include the word “instructions” (i.e. XYZ bread machine instructions).

These online manufacturer instruction manuals should tell you how to operate your bread machine safely and effectively. They also often contain many basic bread machine recipes that will work on your specific model of bread machine.

Can you buy bread machine mixes?

Yes, you can buy bread machine mixes. You can find bread machine mixes for many different types of bread machine breads and desserts. These mixes contain most of the ingredients needed to make a bread machine recipe. You can find bread machine mixes in online specialty stores and large online retailers such as Amazon and Walmart. However, these packages are more expensive than buying the separate ingredients by yourself. Moreover, in my opinion, it is more fun to make your own homemade bread with fresh ingredients versus relying on a bread machine mix of questionable age.

If you want to explore various bread machine mixes, you should visit Bread Dad’s section on Bread Mixes & Kits.

Can you make bread machine bread without the mixing hole?

Yes, you can make bread machine bread without the mixing hole (mixing paddle hole). Rather than baking the bread in your bread machine, you will just use the bread machine to make dough. After creating the dough, you will need to place the dough in a bread pan and then bake it in an oven. If you would like see the exact details on how this is done, you might like to review our Buttery White Bread (Instant Yeast) recipe (because it uses a bread machine to create the dough and then the bread is baked in an oven).

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