Essential Baking & Bread Making Ingredients

Bread Machine Yeast

Here is a list of essential baking ingredients that you need to make great tasting homemade bread, banana bread, muffins, etc. Keep these ingredients as a permanent part of your pantry. This will allow you to quickly make a wide array of tasty homemade breads & sweet quick breads in order to feed your hungry family. Or you might like our sections focused on Bread Kits & Mixes (i.e. prepackaged mixes for white bread, honey wheat bread, sourdough bread, etc.) and delicious Sandwich Ingredients (i.e. heritage pork, bison burgers or pasture raised chicken).

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Basic Pantry Items – These are some of the most essential baking & bread making ingredients that you should always keep in your pantry.

Leavening Agents (i.e. Yeast) – You should consider using fresh leavening agents for all of your recipes because old/stale ingredients (i.e. yeast or baking soda) can prevent your breads & banana breads from rising.

  • Baking Powder – We try to use aluminum free baking powder in our recipes.
  • Baking Soda – When making banana bread or cookies, you shouldn’t rely on the old baking soda that has been deodorizing your refrigerator for the past two years. You might not get optimal results. 🙂
  • Active Dry Yeast – This yeast is often used for oven-baked breads. It is not a bread machine yeast.
  • Bread Machine Yeast – New/active bread machine yeast is one of the the most essential bread machine ingredients!!! Dead yeast is not positive for bread making.


Chocolate & Related Ingredients – Chocolate is used in so many delicious recipes such as our milk chocolate banana bread, chocolate chip banana bread muffins or white chocolate chip cookies.

Eggs – Buy organic eggs via your local supermarket. Eggs might not be the best candidates for a company’s free shipping. 🙂

Flour & Related Ingredients – Flour is one of the most essential baking ingredients. Keep extra in your pantry.

Fruit (Dried) – Dried fruit is used in many different banana bread recipes, cookie recipes, etc.

Milk & Related Ingredients

Mixes – If you don’t want to buy large amounts of ingredients for just a single special dish, you can buy a pre-made baking mix (and thus you won’t have tons of leftover ingredients sitting around).

Nuts & Related Ingredients

Oats & Oatmeal

Oil (Vegetable)

Quick Bread Ingredients – These ingredients will help you to make applesauce bread, pumpkin bread, etc.



Sugar & Related Ingredients


  • Active Dry Yeast – This yeast is often used for oven-baked breads. It is not a bread machine yeast.
  • Bread Machine Yeast – One of the most essential bread machine ingredients!!!

Other Essential Baking Ingredients

Essential Kitchen Equipment

Herb Seeds – Grow your own herbs for the freshest bread recipe ingredients! You can grow many of these herbs in pots on your window sill.

essential baking ingredients