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Cranberry Bread with Fresh Cranberries

This page covers the main recipe sections on Bread Dad. They provide you with bread machine recipes, bread recipes, banana bread recipes, cookie recipes, etc. Each recipe has tons of instructions & tips. Great for novice bakers.

Bread Dad Recipe Categories

  • Banana Bread Recipes – Blueberry banana bread, cranberry banana bread, chocolate banana bread, no butter banana bread, etc.
  • Bread Recipes – White bread, beer bread, oatmeal bread, French bread, Italian bread, etc.
  • Bread Machine Recipes – Bread machine recipes for banana bread, white bread, pizza dough, cornbread, etc.
  • Cookie Recipes – No butter chocolate chip cookies, white chocolate cranberry cookies, M&M cookies, etc.
  • Fall Dessert Recipes – “Harvest” dessert recipes such as pumpkin desserts & cranberry desserts.
  • Muffin Recipes – Blueberry banana muffins, cranberry banana muffins, cornbread muffins, etc.
  • Quick Bread Recipes – Beer bread, cornbread, cranberry bread, pumpkin bread, strawberry bread, etc.

Recipe Cookbooks

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