Noteworthy Comments, Tips & Suggestions

Bread Dad gets tons of great recipe comments & suggestions from our visitors. I am posting a few of the more noteworthy comments on this page because they either help other bakers, are very creativity (baking-wise), super funny, offer interesting ingredient substitution ideas, etc. I also want to thank every single person who leaves a recipe comment because they really motivate me to create more easy recipes!

Some of our Visitor Comments & Suggestions

  • Sherry has a nice twist to our Butterscotch Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe – “Yessir! Best cookies award!!! Last day before the keto life ( for a few weeks)! I’ll be back cuz these cookies kick behind! Ohh! I added hazelnuts to my second batch! Mm-hmm!
  • Damian, a fellow “bread dad” from New Zealand, has a family who loves the smell of our Bread Machine Onion Bread – “This one was my wife’s fave so far. Such a good idea and another one which created a lovely smell while it was baking. I added a tiny sprinkling of rosemary to the top. Thanks BD =)” and our Bread Machine Rosemary Bread – “Such a lovely smell through the house while this was baking. I’m a dad who’s just discovered the joys of our bread machine and am so grateful to have discovered your site. Thanks for all the great recipes BD!
  • Rebecca‘s twist on our Bread Machine Cheese Bread Recipe makes me super hungry!! – “I was craving a good savory bread and this is it! I used a blend of cheddar, Monterey Jack, and parmesan. And Italian seasonings along with an added pinch of oregano as well as a teaspoon each of garlic and onion powders. It drove me mad while baking and is delicious.
  • More interesting visitor variations! Here is Chwip‘s change to our Bread Machine Multigrain Bread Recipe – “Amazing!! I substituted 1 cup of Kefir for 1 cup of milk in the 2lb loaf recipe and had to proof my active yeast in the warmed kefir since I didn’t have bread machine yeast. I believe this will now be our staple weekly bread recipe! Thank you so much.”
  • Alexis added a nice cornmeal & whole wheat twist to our Bread Machine Oatmeal Bread – “Great recipe and even better were all the extra tips and explanations! I inherited a bread machine without instructions on its use and many online bread machine recipes are very unclear. But Bread Dad’s info turned out to be excellent and this oatmeal bread has become a go-to recipe. I up the health factor by subbing in 1/4 c of cornmeal and 3/4 c of whole wheat flour for some of the white flour and the loaf still has a great texture and flavor. Thank you Bread Dad!
  • Our visitors continue to demonstrate their amazing baking skills. Emily took our No Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe and turned it into something special – “I really loved this as a base. I substituted cacao nibs and added slivered almonds and lemon zest. What a light and wonderful cookie!
  • I want to thank Mary Kay for her Bread Machine Butter Bread comment because one of my key goals is to make my instructions very detailed. I want to help beginning bakers to maximize their success, esp. if they are just starting with a bread machine – “This is the best bread! Fabulous toasted… has a really nice crunch to it. Oh and giving a personal shoutout to Bread Dad for giving such excellent instructions! Love the fact that he lets you know ALL the settings to use. I’ve tried a few other posters recipes and they don’t say if it’s a one, one and a half, or two pound loaf, and winging it has turned out a disaster or two for me. Thanks bunches! Will be trying many more of Bread Dad’s recipes!
  • We got this super nice & really motivating comment from Alison about our Bread Machine White Bread Recipe – “Favourite recipe! I have tried a lot of different recipes from different sources and yours are the only ones that come out consistently great. I have made this numerous times as well as French, Italian, Cheese & I have butter bread going now. I really want to try the rye bread but the stores here don’t sell rye flour. Thanks so much & keep up the great work!
  • We got this great comment from Tania on our Vegan Banana Bread – “This is absolutely my favorite recipe. Banana bread is moist, full of flavor and most delicious! I am not vegan but when I want the best banana bread, I use this recipe“.
  • Another fantastic post that demonstrates our visitors’ amazing creativity. Irene used a unique homegrown ingredient to make our Bread Machine Pumpkin Bread – “Being a gardener I tried this recipe today using the Blue Hubbarb squash that I have cooked and mashed. This bread came out moist and very tasty, will add walnut next time“.
  • Eric had a great suggestion on how to turn our Bread Machine Rye Bread into a vegan bread. “This recipe is he best rye bread recipe I have found. My family is vegan so I just used vegan butter instead and it turned out fantastic. Highly recommend using this recipe“.
  • Here is a great comment from Kimberly about our Bread Machine French Bread. It started my week off right! “OMG! This French bread recipe is the best. I made 3 breads and they were awesome. I’m going to try the Italian bread next.
  • The creativity of our visitors continues to be amazing. Here is Liane‘s Christmas version of our No Butter Banana Bread – “Such a great recipe… I’ve added crystallised ginger and spices for a Christmas version“.
  • I want to thank Kim for the tip about using yogurt instead of butter in order to make healthier Cranberry Banana Muffins.
  • We have some very creative people visiting this website! Carl tweaked our basic Bread Machine Banana Bread and made the following upgrade – “Easy, very tasty bread! I added orange rind, dried apricot and cinnamon along with the walnuts. Delicious!
  • Sharon made the following delicious suggestion for our Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Banana Bread – “Omg I just made this as directed but threw in some GF toffee (Heath) bits too. Hands down between the brown sugar and that, I’d put this up against any recipe!! It’s amazing! Thank you!!!!”
  • I want to thank Kimberly for her super nice comment about our buttery Bread Machine White Bread – “I came across your website because I was trying to find out what I was doing wrong. I just got a bread Machine and I have tried many receipts. They all came out ok, but not great. I knew there must be someone out there with a great receipt, and then I found you! I just made this tonight and the bread is so good. I cant wait to try out your other breads.
  • Here is a great (and VERY funny) comment by Steve about our Bread Machine Banana Bread – “Beware of this recipe! Sure, it makes the most delicious Banana bread you’ll ever eat, but there are CONSEQUENCES… My family loved this so much, I was forced to cook it 3 TIMES. I started at 4pm, thinking it would be nice with a cup of coffee, and didn’t stop unti after 10pm. I never even got to TASTE the first loaf, and the family were circling like RAVENOUS ZOMBIES, waiting for the second and third loaves to finish. I suspect I’ll now have to buy a banana plantation, to ensure a steady supply of ingredients, as this has easily become THE most favourite thing to come out of the breadmaker. So, DON’T try this recipe, unless you are prepared for similar consequences. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.